Well of Rage: Murder in Mobile – Lynne Hesse

In 1974, a black high school football player in a recently desegregated school in Mobile Alabama went missing. It's now March 2000. J.C. Grey is stuck with the task of training (and, read between the lines, making her want to quit or forcing her out) rookie officer Carly Redmund. He's unhappy with the assignment but … Continue reading Well of Rage: Murder in Mobile – Lynne Hesse

The Mitford Vanishing – Jessica Fellowes

For all of you who already have read Jessica Fellowes' five Mitford family murder mysteries featuring former nurserymaid turned sleuth, Louisa Cannon, why didn't somebody tell me about them?! The Mitford Vanishing finds Louisa married to former D.I. Guy Sullivan and mother to their baby Maisie nearing a year old. Louisa has just joined Guy … Continue reading The Mitford Vanishing – Jessica Fellowes

The Sisters Sweet – Elizabeth Weiss

This captivating story unfolds as an oral history of a family, a mother, Maude Foster Szasz from Ohio, father, Lenny Szasz, a Jew from Eastern Europe and their twin daughters Harriet and Josephine. The story hopscotches from as early as 1889 to the mid-1930s, but not in a linear fashion. Nor is it confusing. The … Continue reading The Sisters Sweet – Elizabeth Weiss

Bryant & May: London Bridge is Falling Down – Christopher Fowler

The Peculiar Crimes Unit is finally biting the dust for real. We know it's true, because the Met has taken all government property from the ramshackle building on Caledonian Road and plans to make some money in the process, since the neighborhood is gentrifying fast. How will Arthur Bryant --keeper of arcane facts of London … Continue reading Bryant & May: London Bridge is Falling Down – Christopher Fowler