Gilded Mountain- Kate Manning

Gilded Mountain is a masterpiece of historical fiction, bringing alive the very early labor movement in the United Staes even featuring a cameo appearance by Mother Jones. Sylvie Pelletier, child of French Canadien immigrants, travels with her mother and siblings from Vermont, to a company town in Colorado. Her father works for Padgett Fuel and … Continue reading Gilded Mountain- Kate Manning

Blackwater Falls – Ausma Zehanat Khan

Blackwater Falls is the first in a new series featuring Inaya Rahman, a police detective, and her boss, Lt. Waqas "Qas" Seif. They officers from the Denver Police Department's Community Response Unit, assigned to take over a murder investigation in Blackwater Falls, Colorado. This is the first time they have worked closely together. The CSU … Continue reading Blackwater Falls – Ausma Zehanat Khan