Greetings From Asbury Park – Daniel H. Turtel

Casey Larken's father is dead and his half brother Davey inherited dad Joseph's multimillion dollar fortune. Davey was the only "legitimate" child. Joseph was a pretty awful guy, as we learn when the book opens with his sparsely attended funeral. Casey- well, he got a house and $50,000 and the house turns out to be … Continue reading Greetings From Asbury Park – Daniel H. Turtel

The Candy House – Jennifer Egan

In the near future, we can all externalize our unconsciousness and store it in a cube, retrieving all our memories/life experiences from our brain only to watch them again. Naturally, people decide to turn this into a collective consciousness, allowing anyone to watch, say, hundreds of individual experiences of a concert from 1965. And woven … Continue reading The Candy House – Jennifer Egan

148 Charles Street – Tracy Daugherty

148 Charles Street is a truly interesting piece of historical fiction that covers periods in the lives of Willa Cather and Elizabeth "Elsie" Sergeant. It is less a day to day description of their long friendship and more a study of how they influenced one another, despite their significantly different world views and life choices. … Continue reading 148 Charles Street – Tracy Daugherty