Roses in the Mouth of a Lion -Bushra Rehman

I requested and listened to the audio version of Roses in the Mouth of a Lion, the story of Razia, growing up in Corona, Queens, part of a large Muslim immigrant neighborhood. I want to say this immediately: this is definitively one of those times when hearing the author read her novel was a phenomenal … Continue reading Roses in the Mouth of a Lion -Bushra Rehman

The Sweetness of Water – Nathan Harris (audible version)

This (just) post-civil war novel brings together George Walker, an aging gentleman who lives in two-story "cabin" outside of Old Ox, Georgia, and brothers Prentiss and Landry - formerly enslaved by George's neighbor, Ted Morton, now camping on George's land. George is wealthy by local standards as he inherited a lot of land. He's a … Continue reading The Sweetness of Water – Nathan Harris (audible version)

The Great Mistake – Jonathan Lee

Andrew Haswell Green (1820-1903) is the protagonist of this fascinating historical fiction novel. He was christened the father of New York City for a considerable array of accomplishments including early work to encourage and support the creation of the amazing space that became Central Park and later heading the Central Park Commission with many problem … Continue reading The Great Mistake – Jonathan Lee