Stan Lee: How Marvel Changed the World – Adrian Mackinder

This is a highly readable account of Stan Lee’s involvement in the rise of comic books in the 20th century to superhero movies in the 21st century. Stan Lee lived from 1922 to 2018, carving out a highly visible role in comic book mythology. I am casually interested in Marvel and Stan Lee. The various heroes have been part of pop culture throughout my life. In other words, I’m not a trivia expert, a collector, a die-hard-see every movie person. I recommend this as a really interesting overview of the various industry giants, how artists were treated, how the industry evolved, and why Marvel (as of now) has triumphed in movies produced since 2008. If you have already read a lot on the topic, I would still recommend this as a fairly concise and interesting read. It gathers a lot of information without being boring.

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