Murder Offstage – A Posie Parker Mystery (#1) – L.B. Hathaway

This was a fun period piece. It’s 1921 and a very valuable diamond appears to have walked off during Lord Cardigeon’s (Rufus) effort to become engaged to a lovely chorus girl– or is she a most-wanted list Moll? A man is murdered early on in a hotel lobby, Rufus is arrested and he calls his friend Posie Parkier, founder of a detective agency where “mysteries and problems” are solved. Prohibition and all the attendant ways to get hold of booze and to party are present. A romance develops. Fancy London clubs, the THEATRE, charlatans and nobility roll through and a cat is kidnapped. It is fair to call this an amusing romp! Just the thing for those times where one more grisly thriller or heavy piece of nonfiction is too much. I plan to grab more of the series for just those times. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this kind of fluff and this is a very, very fluffy piece of fluff.

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