Lonely Hearts – Lisa Gray

This mystery is the fourth book in Lisa Gray’s Jessica Shaw series. Jessica is private investigator who is drawn into a missing persons case — Veronica Lowe disappeared around 20 years ago with her three year old Mia. Her best friend of many years, Christina, wants to find her out of concern that Veronica’s life could be at risk. As a young woman,Veronica joined a Lonely Hearts Club for women who wished to correspond with prisoners. She quickly becomes entangled with Travis Ford, a death row inmate convicted of strangling slim, red headed women. Veronica is his type. They have a child together. Someone leaks a photo of their family group together in San Quentin and Veronica disappears, apparently to avoid threats and publicity. Shortly after this Travis married another Lonely Heart Club member, Jordana. Since Travis’s execution, Jordana has been writing about him and now-about their relationship. Somehow, this has stirred the pot. Someone is closing in and Jordana is murdered, but who is the killer and what motivated the killing. Gray leads us through Jessica’s investigations with wrong turns and solid investigation that ultimately resolves the mystery. A pleasurable read.

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