When You are Mine- Michael Robotham

Philomena McCarthy, daughter of a highly successful mobster is a rebel and, against all odds, has made a career with the Metropolitan Police force in London. During a domestic violence check, she meets Tempe Brown, a woman who was a few years ahead of Phil in school. Unfortunately, the man who is violently abusive to Tempe is a married and well-regarded “hero” cop. Phil, already navigating the difficulties of being a woman on the force with ties to an organized crime family does not make friends at work when she goes after the abuser. Tempe and Phil become close as Tempe starts to help Phil prepare for her upcoming wedding and becomes increasingly involved in Phil’s life. Phil’s estranged father wants to reconnect. Her best friends do not like Tempe. Odd things start happening to Tempe that suggest stalking, harassment and more by the possessive ex-boyfriend, This is a well-written novel with an interesting array of not always obvious victims and villains. Admission: I had not previously read Robotham and am glad I found him through a Netgalley ARC. It is obvious from reviews of his other work that he will become a go to author for me in the psychological thriller genre.

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