What Happened to the Bennetts – Lisa Scottoline

What Happened to the Bennetts is a very original story of a family who ends up in the FBI Witness Protection Program after an attempted carjacking goes very wrong. When a popular soccer mom and dad, son and daughter, living as –part of a neighborhood with an active social media presence and tons of friends– disappear suddenly, it doesn’t work quite the way the FBI anticipates. Citizen detectives get involved. The narrator is the father, Jason, coping with the fallout from the crime the family experienced and figuring out who to trust. A crime family is involved in what happened, but there is more to this than meets the eye. Scottoline makes the rather far out plot twists work, with characters that are engaging and ultimately some hair raising moments. A very satisfying read, but then — I buy all her books. This is one that is very worth the read. I read it fast and could not put it down. And there are cute dogs involved. I’m a cat person but loved these dogs. Interesting characters, good twists and turns, fairly believable heroes but even if not super believable, a lot of fun to read.

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