Secrets of the Nile – Tasha Alexander

Oddly–because I’m a historical fiction/mystery fan and enjoy well researched and written mid 19th through mid-20th century settings — I never heard of Lady Emily. This is a series I’ll dip into more. Secrets of the Nile finds Lady Emily and husband Colin Hargreaves heading to Egypt with Colin’s mother and his young adult daughter Kat. It is 1904 and they are guests of Mrs. Hargreaves childhood friend Lord Bertram Deeley. They are in Luxor, near archeological digs. Deeley collects Egyptian antiquities and this book contains two stories: Deeley’s and Meryt’s. Meryt is a young woman living in the town populated by craftspeople working on Pharaohs’ tombs around 1500 BC. Her father is a famous sculptor, her twin brother a painter and she sculpts small figures for the graves that are unique for their individual faces. The stories intertwine beautifully as the 1904 party is disrupted early by a murder and multiple guests have motives. Lady Emily and Colin investigate, with “help” from Kat. This is an entertaining house party mystery, with a few nods to Agatha Christie and Elizabeth Peters but a style and story all its own. The characters are engaging. Definitely a fun read.

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