Solitaire- Niels Krause-Kjaer

Solitaire is a story of political intrigue that takes place in Denmark. Early on, a tragic accident puts the Democratic Party leadership in the sites of two very different men. (Note: the Danish Democratic Party is not liberal) As 32 year party leader Aksel Bruun, lies in a near=death coma after a car accident, the unlikeable but competent Erik Pingel strategizes on how to beat likable and also competent Sven Kjeldsen for control of the party, if not now– then soon. Throughout, the press is hot on the trail of this story. We watch as Ulriik Torp a well-known, ethical political reporter tries to make sense of the dirty tricks, his own Editor-in-Chief’s cronyism, the potential for his and others’ rising star status to crash and the mundane tribulations of marriage. This appears to be Krause-Kjar’s first novel to be translated to English. Solitaire is definitely an entertaining read. The characters are well developed or deftly sketched and the lengths some will go to to win are all too familiar. There is plenty of irony, humorous moments and a desire to see who will do what next. At first, I was a little disappointed in the ending but ultimately it made me smile. And, since I can see online that he has published several books, yet to be translated, perhaps they will entertain as well.

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