19 Yellow Moon Road – Fern Michaels

19 Yellow Moon Road is a Sisterhood Novel about twin brothers born to great wealth, Noah with a greater need for that lifestyle to go on and Liam who is more interested in the human condition. Eventually they establish a spiritual retreat, The Haven, with Noah handling the business side and Liam the teaching/spiritual side. The sisters become involved when Maggie, one of the sisters in the sisterhood finds that her friend from journalism school, Gabby, seems to be in trouble. Gabby is a resident at The Haven and she has left a message for Maggie that spurs the sisterhood to action. The women in the group each have special skills and they fight for justice where it is not readily available to victims. If I ever read a Fern Michaels book before, I now remember why I have not done so since then. I found this story entertaining, don’t get me wrong, but there is a certain type of formula writing that simply does not appeal to me. The sisters hoot, whoop giggle and laugh all the time, but nothing they say or do makes me laugh. Maggie eats too much, ha ha ha. Myra fools around with her pearl necklace and that means something but I’m not sure what. Charles cooks food for everyone and it’s such a surprise a man cooks. Everyone “salutes” Lady Justice after each meeting. Blah, blah, blah. I get that these books are cotton candy and that loads of people love them just because of that. And I suspect this will be a very satisfactory entry for those of you into the many novels written under the name Fern Michaels. Enjoy!

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